Sunday, April 25, 2010

# 001 - first post! wohoo! :D

Hey guys! thanks for taking your time visiting my art blog c:

For the first post, I'm giving Lingling's Rukaoi the honour to be the first artwork placed here xD

Below are the few steps taken when I draw. It may looks simple and easy, but it's actually a really time-consuming process. Especially with me being a lazy-ass xD

1. Sketch!
I always love my sketches to be clean, and less smudges. But when it comes to drawing some difficult posture (for me at least), it'll get sketchier and sketchier. Like this one xD :

2. Inking
Inking was hard for me. Most of the time, my sketches look a lot better before I inked them lol I started with tracing a thin line on the pencil sketch. In this process, the aim is to turn it from a pencil sketch into real a draw (of course! xD) c: since scanner hates pencil drawing :/

Here is the second part of the inking process. After I had finished tracing the lines, it's time to put details like shadows, hair lines etc. Ah, and don't forget to put your signature on. You don't want someone else claim your artwork as theirs, do you? c:

3. Coloring! :D
My favorite part. Coloring helps me to convey the feelings I want people to get when they saw my artworks ♥ I often starts with the hair. Cuz I hate coloring it xD

I paid most of my attention to their faces (obviously xD).

After adding some effects here and there, TADAAHHH~~~!

Me want Ruki's glasses D:


  1. @sanzosama and junior: thank you so much! :DDD

  2. are? sanzosama? O_o why I feel like know this person..? hmmm~

    the coloring -> I like (.com xD) *thumbs up and wink*

  3. if u have any new posts/pics, kabo2 kan la yer...;)

  4. @pah: kena cepuk jugak dengan aku dia ni kang..

    @sanzosama: sure :D
    alah, follow je lah, kn senang :p

  5. ngee~ *sengih*
    napelah ko anti sgt menatang tu??? sampai sekarang ku tertanya-tanya

    dia xde blog n akaun di blogger tu pasal xleh nak follow

  6. Sowy lah,blog lom wujud lg la...keh3

  7. @pah: aku ttp akan menyampah benda tu dari dulu, sekarang and sampai bila2

    @sanzosama: hoh, bila lg nak wujudkn?
    buat la~buat la~buat laaa~~~ hahaa

    @kimah: heheh
    thanks kimah :DDDD

  8. hoho~ camtu ek. baik, hehehe~ *sinaran pancar di hujung mata*

    oh ye, si ss tu pun reti gak melukis kalo nak tau xD [suka beno aku menjatuhkn maruah org ek xp]