Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to Color the Gorgeous Aoi-sama Face :DDD

Okay, it's how to color the face part actually xD

1. Color the base. For this I used #fff9e4. You may use darker colour according to your liking c: Oh, and by the way, you need to set this layer to Darker Color first.

2. Make a new layer. Set it to Darker Color. Pick a slightly darker or greyish color and change your brush opacity to 10%. Then start shading. For the large area like his forehead, neck etc, use a large brush size and make it smaller (I use 13 px) for details like I did for his eyes.

I know he looks like a sick, unhealthy person =.='
But things will get better after this :D


3. Create a new layer and set it to Multiply. Pick a light red color. For this one, I used #ffc5c5. Change the brush opacity to 4% and you can start coloring it to his cheeks, nose, lips etc.

4. New layer again. This time, set it to Screen. Choose white color and you can start highlighting :D

and tadaaahhh~! Your beautiful Aoi-sama is finished :DDDDDDDDD

I'm really really bad at explaining things or giving instructions xD if there's anything above that got you confused, just ask me :D


  1. OMG you are ah-maaaaaazing
    (Aoi-sama *drool*)

    do you use a tablet to draw and colour??

  2. heeeeeeyyyyyy! ;A;
    I'm so sorry for the late reply hun! >.<
    really, I better be here more often after this =.=

    thank you :)
    for this one, I used a tablet to draw
    but as you can see,
    it turned out horrible and all sketchy xD
    so, as for now, I only use tablet for colouring :)