Monday, February 28, 2011

[TUTORIAL]How to Ink Your Drawr! :D

**I'm terribly sorry for the lack of lightning in these pictures. Laziness strikes =A=;

1. Now that you have your sketch, make sure you make it as clean as possible. This will pretty much help you when tracing the lines (:
Ah, and btw, for this tutorial, I'm using the gorgeous-as-ever MAA-san as the subject. Hehe

2. Okay, now trace all the pencil lines. You don't have to put the details (i.e. shadows, lines etc.) yet. This process is just to get the basic line so it'll be easier for you to put details later :DDD

3. (Please ignore MAA's monstrous left hand. I forgot to crop it lol) Erase the pencil lines and you'll have something like this.

4. It's time to put the details. I always start with the hair part. Why? Because I want to u.u loljk As for me, the hair part requires the most details so I think it's better to start with it :3
I made thicker lines mostly at the corner part of the hair (as shown above) so it will somehow looks like shadows xD

5. MAA: "Wuddup ya'll!"

This is what you will get once you were done with the basic shading (:

6. More hair-lines! Okay, this might seems to be a little complicated to do (I had troubles when I start doing it too), but once you have gotten used to it, it will be as easy as eating a blueberry cheesecake :9

[Note to self: cheesecake contains a HIGH amount of fat. kthxbye]

To do this, just draw thin lines according to how you want the hair to be like (straight, curls etc.). Slightly thicken some of the hair lines and put shadows at the edges, but not too much.

7. For other body parts, I love to thickens most of the lines. And I often make the end of each lines thicker (like above)

8. And your lineart is done! :D

** Feel free to ask me questions (: I'll try my best to answer it!