Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hello peeps!
Okay so some people have been asking me on tools I used to draw.
Aaand here they are:-

First of all, of course, a mechanical pencil and a piece of rubber (ducky xD ) for sketching :3
I don't use the normal -wood- pencil like most people use ^^;;

And of course, inking pens. As you can see, I have LOOOOOOOTS of them with different sizes xD
But I often use 0.1 for my inking :3

My favourite brand would definitely be uniPin
The ink does not fade and spread (?) easily :D (you know, when you're using certain types of paper -.- )

Lastly, a tablet. A cheap one though. It costs around RM 200.
I use the tablet mainly for colouring only.
I don't really draw with it since it has a small space and the friction is different compared to when you're using a normal pencil and paper _-_
but I'm planning on buying a better one soon! ^^

-- So there it goes. As always, questions are welcomed :)

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